The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

After an Internet-wide search, here are the 11 blogs that depressed -- er, uh -- impressed us the most with their lameness.

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Lamest Deflated Former American Idol Contestant's Blog

And the winner is: "The Michael Sandecki Blog".
Poor Michael Sandecki. Where did he go wrong? Remember him? The last time we saw the guy, he was the beaming Clay Aiken look-alike getting loads of airtime on "American Idol".
Now? Well, let's just say he's significantly less cheerful. We'd quote a portion of his blog to demonstrate, but the entries are largely 700-word long run-on sentences, so we're not sure where to start. Or finish. Suffice it to say, the spirit that captured America is not shining through. Nor is the punctuation.
Come on, Michael. Don't let the sun go down on you. Or, if you must, at least throw in a couple of commas for good measure.
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The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

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