The top must-follow Twitter feeds

Web celebrities and gadget gurus keep their followers up to date in 140 characters or less

  • iphonenews: This is the Twitter feed of the iPhone News Blog (, bringing readers iPhone news, applications, accessories, reviews and rumors. Some 247 Twitter followers get Tweets of headlines (that often go over the 140 Twitter character limit) from the blog, including "Podcaster Shut Down by Apple Again: It seems that Apple has prohibited all distribution of an applicat..".

  • Android Market News, Android News: You'll never be short of Google Android news if you follow the Tweets of Android Market News ( and Android News ( The latter delivers headlines (often over the 140-character limit) of Android stories from online news publications. Sept. 23 was a busy day for Android News, which had posted some 180 Android-launch stories in just half a day. Similarly, Android Market News provides links to Android news from online sources including Reuters.

  • A bite of the Apple: Apple Tweets: Apple Tweets ( describes itself as providing Apple news, rumors and insights pulled from a variety of Web sites. Recent tweets have covered Apple iPhone 3G sales and new Apple store openings.

  • Chromeinfo (, GoogleChromeBrowser (, Googlechrome ( and GetGoogleChrome ( Chromeinfo provides tips, plug-ins and tutorials about Google Chrome, while ChromeBrowser is the Twitter feed of the Google Chrome Browser blog. Googlechrome is not just a feed of Google news but also provides tips. It also appears to be updated by a live person. Meanwhile GetGoogleChrome is inviting its followers to a Halloween party by changing the look of their Web sites to resemble other popular Web sites. Sounds a bit phishy.

  • Market pundits: Doc Searls, Michael Gartenberg: Some 3,252 people follow the Tweets of Doc Searls, Linux Journal editor ( He's currently raving that his Linux Journal comment piece on Gears, Android and Chrome on Linux has received 2,158 diggs. Michael Gartenberg (, former analyst at Jupiter Research, is now a technology strategist specializing in personal technology. Gartenberg provided his 1,222 followers with rolling commentary of Google's September 23 Android launch event.

  • Security: Alex Hutton, Security Twits: Alex Hutton ( is a risk geek in the US, who points readers to risk-relevant articles from around the Web, including posts on his Risk Management Insight blog. Securitytwits is the Twitter feed for Security Twits, a group of security professionals on Twitter. The feed 'retweets' (reposts) Tweets from presumably Security Twits.

  • Open source: Open Source, manfromochie: Open Source News ( describes itself as offering news about Linux apps and other new releases. So far, it has linked readers to a host of Kernel Linux releases, plus updates to Xen, Wine, and KDE. For more Linux tips try the Twitter feed of manfromochie (, described as an open source evangelist. Though manfromochie's updates are irregular, there are some helpful tips gleaned from manfromochie's work with customers.

  • Web celebs: Robert Scoble, Jeff Pulver: Robert Scoble ( often shares his Web finds with his 34,464 followers: "Google Reader makes me smarter than anything else I have found online. The stuff I find there is remarkable. Keep it up!" Even though Jeff Pulver (, founder of Pulvermedia, is no longer fronting the VON trade shows, he's alive and well and Tweeting to his 6,897 followers. One recent Tweet: "Working on my plans to launch a tech incubator on Long Island. With memberships + mentoring."

  • You know you're a social network geek when your online friends outnumber your flesh and bones buddies -- and you probably keep in touch with them via Twitter, the microblogging site. Launched in October 2006, its members share their ongoing thoughts in 140 characters or less. Here are Twitter feeds you don't want to miss!

  • Twitter founding fathers: Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey: If you're curious about how best to sum up your thoughts Twitter-style, check out the feeds of some of Twitter's co-founders. Evan Williams ( Tweets about life: "Walking downtown for a haircut and massage on a cloudy, but balmy, San Francisco" and technology: "My computer just let out a super loud electric pop (!) and died when I pulled out a USB cable. Freaky! (Surprisingly, it turned back on.)" Meanwhile, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ( is more succinct: "I have $3.50 in my pocket"; "Working"; "Buying an electric toothbrush."

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