Gadgets, gizmos and great ideas: UWS students exhibit hi-tech designs

Technology, tradition and inspiration combine at this year's University of Western Sydney industrial design student exhibition, WideVision.

  • Brandon Clarke: The Ultimate Limb

    The Ultimate Limb is a new innovation in prosthetic limbs allowing foot amputees to move over rough and demanding terrain. Interchangeable sole components allow the user to select tread patterns best suited to individual surfaces. The Ultimate Limb is planned to be assimilated into the body using osseointergration and direct neutral control interaction.
  • Sonya Oxenham: V.Doc

    V.Doc is a new innovative vitals monitoring system which allows the user to conduct complete medical checkups in their own home. With the monitoring cuff you are able to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose and oxygen saturation. This information is then wirelessly sent by Bluetooth to the unit, where results can be recorded and sent to a practitioner.
  • Huynh Huu Huynh: The Reach Controller

    The Reach Controller is a new educational device which allows the user to simulate live hand motion. Students and Teachers can now communicate with hand and finger gestures, show body language, interact with 3-D environments and employ hand signals. The device uses motion capture technologies, including a gyroscope and an accelerometer. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, an ultrasonic sensor and a bend sensor.
  • Richard Nield: Fusion Island

    The focus of Fusion Island was to create a healthy and safe kitchen environments tailored towards the needs of the user. The designer has achieved this aim by making the kitchen fully customisable, including changing shelves for disabled access. Cook tops and sinks can also be removed, allowing the user to create a perfect kitchen environment. The design also promotes a multi-user environment where kids, adults and the elderly can all be involved.
  • Anna Foster: Tendril

    The Tendril is allows communication between those in the rental market through the use of digital and visual mediums. The Tendril also ensures portability with rechargeable batteries, a Wi-fi connection and compact digital projection in combination with a custom software interface
  • Stephanie Winkler: ShadowBoxer

    ShadowBoxer is the latest in kickboxing equipment, allowing solo training to feel as if you were sparring with an actual person. This device works by imitating the human reactions to the strike that is performed. The ShadowBoxer sends the information to a laptop which then gives data which can be reviewed for improved training. Colour changes on the material's outer surface provide real time feedback for the user's efforts, increasing motivation for improvement.
  • Technology, tradition and inspiration combine at this year's University of Western Sydney industrial design student exhibition, WideVision. Check out this slideshow for a look at some of the cool projects. You can check them out in person at 223 Liverpool St, Sydney, on December 4 and 5. For more information visit

    Chris Cassar: The Bass

    The Bass is aimed at helping caregivers, providing active support to the spine and back during manual handling tasks. It is worn like a backpack with the straps wrapping around your waist and shoulder. The inflatable bladder also provides cushioning to the back and adjusts the level of support during different angles of back movement.
  • Henri Le Comte: The eMic

    The eMic is a gesture-controlled interface which uses motion capturing to allow singers to have greater control over their performance. The eMic is fitted with an array of sensors that capture pressure and tilting of the stand through to more complex motions such as stroking of the sides and severe acceleration and deceleration of the stand which may come from kicking or swinging. Vocal effects can also be applied to the vocal signal or more complex effects that relate to the performance, such as lighting or pyrotechnics.
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