Technology for the obscenely wealthy

Planning on hitting the jackpot soon? From a gargantuan HDTV to your own flying car, here are nine new tech toys you'll want to decorate your life.

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Kaleidescape Home Entertainment System

Price tag: More than $US10,000 (depending on configuration)
Everyone knows what a hassle DVDs can be. The disc you want to watch in the bedroom is always to be found (or not) under a couch cushion in the living room. And forget trying to get the kids to put DVDs back in their cases--especially now that they’re fabulously wealthy and think the governess should do it.
With the Kaleidescape, you can say goodbye to all of those problems. That's because this system lets you store all of your DVDs on Kaleidescape servers in your home and then play the movies back in any room you like through one of the company’s proprietary players. Now, some people might point out that you could do something similar for about $100 with a copy of DVD Shrink and a used Xbox. They might even say that for the money you’re spending on the Kaleidescape, you could hire a toady to organize your DVDs and put them into the player for you whenever and wherever you want. You know what those people are? Poor. So ignore them.

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Technology for the obscenely wealthy

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