The top 10 iPhone apps of 2008

10 of the coolest and most useful iPhone apps.

  • It has been a big year for the iPhone — the launch of the App Store (not to mention the iPhone 3G) signalled the chance for users everywhere to start expanding the phone’s capabilities through third-party applications. Here are some of our favourite apps from the last six months.

    Tap Tap Dance

    Only released a few days ago, the follow-up to the smash hit Tap Tap Revenge has already won our hearts with some excellent tweaks and the introduction of popular songs that make the game even more fun. There is just nothing like hitting out to Daft Punk’s “Technologic”, though we are itching to see more additions to the tracklist.
  • Things

    Journalists are forgetful creatures, and an iPhone without a To Do list is not an option. Thankfully, Things fills the gap. It is an extremely easy to use task list that syncs wirelessly with its Mac OS–based desktop counterpart. The iPhone app isn't free — and the desktop client won't be soon, either — but this shouldn’t stop you from checking it out.
  • Urbanspoon

    Urbanspoon is one of the best resources we have seen for scoping out the next culinary experience, allowing users to pick out a random restaurant or specify tastes, location and maximum cost.
  • Aurora Feint: The Beginning

    We’re not advocating that games on the iPhone should be free — it is just coincidence that two of our favourite ones are. If there is ever a game that can breach the barrier between casual and hardcore gamer, Aurora Feint is it, mixing classic puzzle-style arcade gameplay with RPG elements that somehow manage to bring out the competitive spirit in all of us. We haven’t managed to check out the recently released sequel yet, but if the first game is any indication it will be excellent.
  • iDrum: Ministry of Sound Anthems

    At first iDrum seemed like a simple one-instrument drum pad that would only provide enough entertainment for five minutes. On closer inspection, though, it turns out that iDrum is what can only be described as GarageBand for your pocket — a comprehensive application that allows users to alter and add sequenced instruments to modify and create dance tracks.
  • Palringo

    There have been a few attempts to introduce instant messaging on the iPhone but it seems like Palringo has done the best job so far. There were a few bugs at first but continuing development has shaped the app into an extremely usable and attractive application that makes on-the-go IM easy.
  • Remote

    It probably isn’t any surprise that our favourite application comes from Apple itself. Third-party applications have been fantastic so far, but for some of the PC World staff, Apple Remote has made the transition to the 21st century digital home a breeze. Harnessing Apple’s AirTunes technology, Remote allows users to access iTunes and AppleTV libraries wirelessly, transforming the iPhone into a universal remote of sorts.
  • SuperBall 2

    SuperBall 2 is a simple idea and one that has been implemented dozens of times over the past decades, but on the iPhone it is one of the most addictive games available, beaten only by Aurora Feint. With enough levels to last a lifetime, and then some, SuperBall 2 is our favourite non-free app; it's a must-have for any fan of arcade action.
  • Facebook

    Being the socialites we are, Facebook is an integral part of a PC World journalist’s daily life, making this iPhone app an instant addition to our handsets. While the first version isn’t anything to get excited over, the revamped version showed significant improvements. Getting closer to friends, family and creepy strangers has never been easier.
  • SpeakEasy

    The iPhone wasn’t designed as a portable recorder and, as a result, doesn’t have the best equipment for the job. Nevertheless, if you need a quick and easy recording application for dictating some quick notes or recording the draft of your latest concerto, SpeakEasy is a good choice.
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