Inside Telstra's NBN

Telstra has devoted over three years and some 900 engineers to designing a national fibre network, and Acaltel has chipped-in 1000 of its own engineers who have devoted an estimated 1.5 million hours on the project. Telstra offered a glimpse of some of the technology behind its $10B bid for the National Broadband Network (NBN)

  • Telstra's fibre line validation equipment.

  • A Celemetrix tablet used to check fibre line integrity.

  • Some of the tools carried by Telstra technicians.

  • Telstra's copper line validation equipment

  • A Telstra switch.

  • A Telstra network engineer's toolkit.

  • Old twisted pair copper cables are vulnerable to interference and need to be checked to preserve network integrity.

  • Copper lines in a duct. Shorter copper lines means faster network speeds.

  • Telstra would introduce new noise filtering technology into the NBN to reduce interference from old equipment and physical damage to copper lines.

  • Telstra chief operations officer Greg Winn said the NBN operator must have sole physical access to the cables and equipment to preserve the integrity of the network.

  • Telstra chief operations officer Greg Winn

  • Telstra chief technology officer Hugh Bradlow

  • Telstra networks and services group managing director Michael Rocca

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