7 limited edition games: worth buying or not?

Check out the season's best bonus-brimming, extras-packed offerings!

  • Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition

    With only 1000 copies made, the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition is exactly as its name states, and its whopping $US150 price tag totally reflects this. The pricey package might've sounded like a joke before the game's release, but now that it's delivered the best survival horror romp since Resident Evil 4, gamers are crashing the EA online store to get their complete sci-fi fix. While the set's officially sold out, it's now taking over eBay like a Necromorph infection. Troll the online auction site if you'd like to dig deeper into the Dead Space universe with enough goodies — Dead Space Downfall animated movie, bonus DVD, art lithograph, art book, graphic novel — to fill an abandoned mining ship. If all that doesn't get you clicking "Buy it Now", then maybe the Ishimura crew patch — which you'll no doubt want to sport at next year's Comic Con — will do the trick.
  • And Coming Next Year...

    Halo Wars: Limited Edition

    The Special Edition love continues to flow into early 2009 with the Halo Wars: Limited Edition. While I haven't gotten my hands on this baby yet, I'm hopeful it'll nicely complement my Halo 3 Legendary Edition. Speaking of Master Chief's trilogy capper, the Halo Wars LE will include three new Halo 3 maps. Additionally, it aims to give you an upper hand on the RTS battlefield with access to an exclusive in-game vehicle and Leader cards that outfit you with some battle-bringin' elite skills. If you can tear yourself from the strategy-focused fun, you'll want to check out Halo Wars: Genesis, a new graphical novel included in the $80 set. Oh, and don't forget to leave some room on your hoodie or messenger bag, next to your Ishimura crew credentials, for the set's Spirit of Fire patch.
  • This season is no stranger to "Special" and "Collector's" editions of major videogame releases. In fact, being assaulted with pretty tin-box packaging, miniature art books, and making-of DVD's (for an extra ten bucks or so over the regular retail price) has become as much a holiday tradition as eggnog, shopping mall Santas, and unwanted hugs from relatives we see once a year.
    So, it's no surprise then this year is chock-full of bonus content-packed offers from all the major publishers. But, while many (Call of Duty: World at War, Prince of Persia) are still churning out some combination of the aforementioned extras, others — perhaps spurned on by last year's mini Spartan-helmet supported Halo 3 Legendary Edition — are upping the ante in offering the most complete fan-pleasing packages.

  • Saint's Row 2's Collector's Edition

    Short of strutting your stuff on the seedy side of town and inviting someone to pop a cap in your ass, you won't get much closer to gang culture than Saint's Row 2's Collector's Edition. The set does contain some filler-feeling extras — tin case packaging, poster — but some other bling-worthy bonus materials more than make up for the been-there-done-that items. A slick, bullet-shaped USB thumb drive — preloaded with some Saint's goodies — and a flashy SR2 money clip, that'll surely garner you some respect at the poker table, earn this set some street cred. Niko Bellic supporters may scoff while they moon over their GTA 4 extras-filled lockbox, but Saint's gamepad gangsters won't do better than this $80 pimped package.
  • Resistance 2 Collector's Edition

    The Chimera threat returns with the Resistance 2 Collector's Edition, an $80 set that totally suckers me in by preying on my weakness for cool toys; featuring an awesome Chimera Hybrid action figure, this one sold me as soon as I stared into the miniature menace's six eyes. If toys aren't your thing, this one also packs an informative bonus DVD and an "Altered Americana" art book reminding us in chilling visual detail of the alien attack on U.S. soil. For Chimera completists, there's also a code to unlock an HVAP Wraith multiplayer skin. At twenty bucks over the standard version it would've been nice if they included the complete upcoming Resistance novel or even a hardcopy of the upcoming comic book, but still, my purchase is totally justified every time I see that Chimera figure unflinchingly pointing his Bullseye at my Big Daddy from last year's BioShock LE.
  • Fallout 3 Survival Edition

    Preparing for the apocalypse can be a bitch. Thankfully, Fallout 3 delivers my favorite SE (in this case standing for "Survival Edition") of the year, making my trip to the Capitol wasteland as refreshing as a Nuka-Cola. The standard extras — DVD, art book — are absolutely worth checking out, but it's the set's other goodies that'll get you out of your Vault; a slick replica of the Pip-Boy 3000 (which doubles as a digital clock), a snazzy Fallout 3 lunchbox and, best of all, a Pip Boy bobble head, combine for the ultimate fan-service-paying package. At $120 clams, this one's double the asking price of the standalone game. But short of fashioning their own fully functional Fat Man, Fallout 3 fans won't find a better way to get the full-on post-apocalyptic experience.
  • Gears of War 2 Limited Edition

    The artist formerly known as Cliffy B offers Fenix's most faithful fans the Gears of War 2 Limited Edition. This Horde-haters' dream package includes a DVD that's equal parts interesting info and marketing hype, but definitely worth a spin, and a slick Lancer-emblazoned steel case. There's also a cool little hardcover art book for those who just can't get enough of Gears' gory eye-candy. The Gears goodies are rounded out by a special code to bling-out your arsenal with a gold-plated Lancer, and a keepsake photo of Dominic and Maria Santiago. At an extra ten bones, this package — despite the undeniably cheesy photo — is a no-brainer purchase for Gears fans worth their weight in COG tags.
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