11 weapons we want on guns in Gears of War 3

Chainsaws were only the beginning...

  • Chainsaws were only the beginning...
    With Gears of War 2 out, we've once again fallen in love with the Chainsaw Bayonet. But why should that be the only weapon attached to a gun? Plumbing through the entire history of non-guns in gaming, we've collected 11 other weapons made famous in other video games that would be even more awesome if combined with an assault rifle.

  • 1- Soul Edge (Soul Calibur)

    So the legend of Soul Edge is that whoever has possession of the weapon will be consumed by the evil of the sword, and likely use its god-like powers for ultimate evil. Now imagine how bad ass that sounds, but add a gun! Yeah, we'd like this weapon very much please.
  • 3- Mace (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

    As forceful as the butt of a rifle is, sometimes a more blunt approach is needed for a melee gun attack. How about a large spiked ball on the end of a stick or chain? If you're not going to shoot an enemy in the face, how about caving in his face with a mace?
  • 5- Nail Gun (Quake)

    We know what you're thinking, 'a gun-attachment for a gun?' but hear us out. Adding Quake's Nail Gun to any firearm would make for one incredibly deadly weapon. Hitting your adversaries with a hail of metal nails is the perfect way to match the brutality of the Lancer's Chainsaw Bayonet.
  • 6- Athena's Blades (God of War)

    This one's a bit hard to envision in action, but imagine being able to thrash your aggressors with Kratos' unevenly serrated Blades attached via chains affixed to your gun. Mastering using these weapons could be tricky at first, but it's no more outlandish than Gears' Chainsaw Bayonet.
  • 8- Halo Energy Sword (Halo)

    Sticking Halo's Covenant Energy Sword onto a gun would essentially function like a sci-fi version of the bayonet. But unlike a regular bayonet, spearing and slicing enemies up close with the Energy Sword's dual blades would do twice the damage as a last-resort weapon.
  • 9- Tazer (Condemned)

    You know what sucks about trying to shoot somebody? They're always trying to move out of the way? Condemned's Ethan Thomas had the right idea with his taser weapon. Unfortunately, he usually followed up the zapping by smacking his hobo enemies with a piece of rebar. Marcus and Co. would just fill the poor sizzling sap with lead.
  • 11- Pitchfork (Blood)

    The pitchfork from cult-hit horror FPS Blood may seem like just your ordinary gardening instrument, but it's actually the coolest incarnation of the multi-pronged tool we've seen in a game. Not only can this thing stab onrushing enemies, but a carefully aimed thrust can rip the head off your attacker's shoulders.
  • 7-Whip (Castlevania)

    Okay, so a long strand of leather isn't the first thing you'd think would make a good weapon attachment, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When you run out of ammo and an enemy swaggers towards you thinking he has the advantage, how awesome would it be to go all Indiana Jones on his ass and yank the gun out of his hand? And let us not forget the new swinging abilities it would offer the normally ground-based group in Gears...
  • 10- Giant Hammer (Donkey Kong/Smash Bros.)

    Nobody expects to see a giant mallet on the edge of a gun. It's a well known fact, though, that swinging a giant hammer up and down while a fun little tune plays makes you nearly invincible. Unless one of the Horde times a barrel throw to hit you during the upswing.
  • - Grappling Hook (Mortal Kombat)

    More often than not, firing on at enemies who are just out of reach with anything other than a sniper rifle can be a giant pain the ass. Why not bring your living targets to you? By attaching Scorpion's trademark flesh-piercing ninja spear to your gun, you'd be able to wound your enemies by harpooning the add-on into their bodies and bring them to a closer range for you to finish them off.
  • 4- Lightsaber (Star Wars)

    The classic Star Wars weapon needs a reboot. We've seen everything possible out of the Lightsaber, so why not team it up with a firearm? It's already more dangerous than your standard-blade bayonet, so adding the ability to deflect bullets (we're assuming bullets aren't as strong as blaster fire) would be icing on the gun cake.
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