In pictures: Dissecting the Onkyo Liverpool Series MS5LX

We take apart a home theatre system to see what pushes the sound.

  • Back of the 1in tweeter, model number TW3183A.

  • Back panel of the D-105F tower speaker. The D-105F speakers have been part of Onkyo's audio range since late 2000, and have long been available as a pair of tower speakers and as part of various home theatre packages. The tower speaker boasts 70W of power from two 3.5in cone woofers and a 1in tweeter with a frequency range of 50Hz to 35KHz.

  • The subwoofer back plate has a bevy of options. An adjustable low-pass cut-off is available, as well as a differing output level and phase switch. The subwoofer also allows audio passthrough to a second subwoofer for greater impact. A 150W amplifier handles the subwoofer's power.

  • A close-up look at the cone.

  • The crossover and terminal plate running the tower speakers.

  • Back of a 3.5in cone woofer, model number W901B.

  • The stars of the party are the two 3.5in cone woofers, handling an adequate 12.5W each. As we mentioned in our review of the speaker set, the tower speaker delivers a subtle yet strong and accurate sound.

  • Taking off the attached stand reveals the subwoofer's driver, an 8in cone.

  • Four screws unravel the first piece of the puzzle, the 1in tweeter which runs the tower speakers' high-end frequencies. It boasts a nominal 25W of power.

  • If there's one product can be associated with the GoodGearGuide team it is Onkyo's Liverpool Series MS5LX. The speaker and amplifier set has long been a stalwart of the GGG offices, following us around since late 2005. After all that time, we decided to open up one of the tower speakers and the subwoofer to see the source behind the sound.

  • It took an amazing number of screws to remove the back panel.

  • The driver itself is capable of outputting 100W and appears to be an external part from East Asia Technology rather than from Onkyo itself.

  • The terminal plate.

  • The Onkyo SL-107 active subwoofer. The unit has a downward-firing woofer capable of a frequency response of 30-200Hz, making a great companion to the D-105F tower. The unit is ported for deeper frequency response.

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