Celebrity tech gift guide 2008

Racking your brain for the perfect gifts for the celebrities on your holiday shopping list? These unique tech products will make life bearable for in-the-spotlight types like Paris, Lindsay, TomKat, and Brangelina.

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Bring on the Celebs!

I saw Angelina Jolie at a Starbucks near Union Square! At least, it looked like her. I didn't see Brad or the twins anywhere, but I swear, it looked just like her. She got a latte, I got one of those new salted caramel hot chocolates (which was super-yummy); we almost bumped into each other when we both reached for the Splenda.
So what do you think I should get her for Christmas?
I bring it up because, many of us have a tough enough time buying holiday presents for friends and relatives--and most of those people aren't nearly as glamorous as Brangelina, Jenniber, or Mary-Kate and Ashley. Celebrities are people, too--they need affirmation just as much as, say, Emile Coue did, and probably more so because--tchsa, they're really famous. These are our suggestions for gifts to make those special someones feel even more special than they already undoubtedly do.

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Celebrity tech gift guide 2008

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