Five dangerous gadgets for Christmas

Here are five extra-dangerous gadgets: guaranteed to fill that Christmas stocking -- before blowing it up!

  • If you don't like "up close and personal" and prefer to do naughty things from a distance, then this remote control helicopter gunship might be of interest. How do you spice up a standard hobbyist's Gasser EB? You fit a .45 calibre handgun to the front and a mechanism to remotely fire it with! (Cue: Ride of the Valkyries.)

  • Lastly, we have a device that may actually come in handy. The SwissFlash Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox features scissors, a nail file, screwdriver, laser pointer, a knife and a USB 2.0 stick. Capacities range from 1GB to 16GB, but just be careful about bringing your favourite data storage device onto planes.

  • Here are five extra-dangerous gadgets — guaranteed to fill that Christmas stocking, before blowing it up!

    Lockheed Martin's Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV) is designed to be an "integrated midcourse missile defence system", according to its Web site. In simple terms, this little gadget is designed to fly up to a group of incoming nukes, hover among them and take them out one by one — which makes it perfect for summer barbeques and those pesky horse flies!

  • Speaking of barbeques, this should make cooking a breeze. Everett Bradfield is a 21-year-old electrical engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in America, and he decided that if X-Man Pyro could play with fire from his hands, then so could he. This is the Pyro System 2.2, and it is clearly a very angry bit of kit.

  • Have you ever shot a person and thought that it was simply too tiring? Well never fear, because the Palm Pistol is here! After all, why buy a squeeze ball when you could buy a 9mm pistol instead. The manufacturer, Constitution Arms, has already tried to get the weapon registered as a medical device by saying it would help the elderly extend their life expectancy because very little effort is needed to fire the weapon. Sounds like this year Santa will be packing some extra heat.

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