In pictures: PlayStation Home

Sony's community-based service for the PlayStation 3

  • There are a number of activities available on the service. Players can dance, play pool, collect trophies, watch videos and operate virtual jukeboxes.

  • PlayStation Home will also host many types of events such as exclusive game previews and developer interviews.

  • In pictures: PlayStation Home.

  • Using the Home service, PS3 users can invite their friends to play games, meet in a number of created environments, communicate via voice or text chat and share content such as music and videos.

  • There are a number of virtual places in the Home world including houses, a shopping plaza, a bowling alley and a home theatre.

  • PlayStation Home is Sony's recently launched community-based service for the PlayStation Network.

  • Using the PlayStation Home service is free, but there is a range of purchasable content available through the PlayStation Store.

  • PlayStation Home allows users to create an avatar for their PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. Once created, this avatar gets its own virtual apartment called a HomeSpace.

  • In pictures: PlayStation Home.

  • PlayStation Home users can then interact and associate with other users. They can meet in places like the Home Square, and chose the decor and furnishings for their apartments.

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