Video game box art gallery: Best & Worst

Video game boxes have never enjoyed a particularly prestigious reputation. That’s because most of them suck.

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Bad: Mercenaries 2

EA Games, 2008 (Xbox 360/PS2/PS3)
Big ugly men have been flexing and snarling on game boxes since the days of the Atari 2600. Along with boobies, explosions and cutesy animals, it’s one of the cornerstones of the industry. (You can check out some gruff, manly examples here, here and here).

Somehow, EA managed to stuff up this bone-headedly simple concept with its Mercenaries 2 box art. Everything about this is just plain wrong. Firstly, its grizzled cover boy has one of the weediest scowls we’re ever seen — instead of looking badass, he looks mildly constipated. Secondly, the enforced close-up leaves no room for anything else — it’s just a big picture of a gross face. And lastly, it’s not even a particularly well drawn gross face. All in all, a rubbish effort.

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