Video game box art gallery: Best & Worst

Video game boxes have never enjoyed a particularly prestigious reputation. That’s because most of them suck.

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Bad: Resident Evil 4 (U.S Edition)

Capcom, 2005 (Nintendo Gamecube/PS2/PC/Nintendo Wii)
The U.S. of A has a reputation for taking a perfectly good game box and turning it into a generic pile of crap. Observe the evidence. To the left, we have the hauntingly effective European cover for Resident Evil 4 — a lone chainsaw-wielding silhouette lurking in a smothering woodland canopy. To the right, we have the American ‘re-imagining’ — Leon modeling his emo haircut. Other examples of this curious trend include Fatal Frame, ICO and of course, the infamous Mega Man cover from 1987. (Oi! Americans! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)

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