Lost Planet 2 announced

Capcom's sequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be available on the Xbox 360.

  • Many of the planet's inhabitants have adapted to the new environment, providing new challenges for players.

  • In the 10 years since the events of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, terraforming attempts on E.D.N. III have caused the once icy landscape to give way to jungles and forests. Though the Akrid and snow pirates still exist, this new terrain will be the main battleground.

  • Players will have to face both Akrids as a species as well as other groups of snow pirates.

  • Capcom has yet to unveil any release schedule or other information. In the meantime, the company has made the announcement trailer for the game available on Xbox Live.

  • The underlying framework of Lost Planet 2's graphics is the MT Framework 2, an update to the original MT Framework that offers improved graphics.

  • You'll probably want some mates in co-op to face some of those Akrids.

  • Capcom promises "one of the most extensive multiplayer campaigns" seen in a shooter. Though little information has been revealed so far about this, it looks to involve a co-op addition to the single player game for up to four players.

  • Capcom has announced Lost Planet 2, the sequel to the icy third-person shooter, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Heading to Xbox 360, the new instalment in the franchise continues to look at humanity's future on the planet E.D.N III, and the harsh realities of a conflict with the Akrid.

  • Players are a snow pirate, but now they can create their own character.

  • Lost Planet 2 improves upon the battle elements of the original.

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