Hard drives for your pocket

Portable hard drives, in all their pocket-size splendor, now pack in plenty of storage space. Capacities up to 500GB (plus a 1TB network-attached option) and a veritable candy store of colors make choosing a portable hard drive fun.

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Seagate Maxtor Black Armor

Need to safeguard your data against prying eyes? Seagate's aptly named Maxtor BlackArmor is one of a handful of drives to offer AES government-grade hardware encryption protection. The drive, available in 160GB and 320GB flavours, performs real-time file encryption transparently; just save your files as you would with any other hard drive.

The Black Armor has a secure space to handle the encryption keys. Its design allows you to access data only if you know the password — the drive won't even mount without the password.

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