Hard drives for your pocket

Portable hard drives, in all their pocket-size splendor, now pack in plenty of storage space. Capacities up to 500GB (plus a 1TB network-attached option) and a veritable candy store of colors make choosing a portable hard drive fun.

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SimpleTech Signature Mini Portable

An array of yummy-sounding colors, along with stylish design touches by Italian icon Pininfarina, characterize Fabrik's SimpleTech Signature Mini Portable line. Your colour options (one fewer than Western Digital offers) will vary depending on the capacity of the drive: The 500GB model comes in Espresso, the 320GB comes in Black Cherry, the 250GB now comes in Cayenne Red and Ice Blue (in addition to previous colours Bubblegum, Kiwi, Cool Mint, and Marshmallow), and the 160GB comes in Blueberry. All models spin at 5400 rpm, and are easy to grip thanks to the surface's not-quite-rubber, not-quite-velvet texture.

The Signature Mini comes with a dual-head USB cable, as typically you'll need two USB ports, one for data and one for the drive to draw power. It also comes with Fabrik Ultimate Backup (for PC), which includes both local and online backup components; the first 2GB of storage online is free, and you can get unlimited storage for US$5 per month.

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