Panasonic unveils plasma and LCD HD televisions for 2009

Panasonic launches new high-definition televisions, including the Panasonic Z1 -- a Full HD TV with wireless streaming

  • The Panasonic Viera TH-P50V10A has 600Hz sub-field drive technology to refresh the image 12 times per frame, for smoother motion reproduction. An SD card slot and AVCHD support allows compatible Panasonic camcorders to play back content directly on the television.

  • Most 2009 Panasonic plasma and LCD televisions (including the S series) have a Full HD 1080p screen resolution. The S series LCD and plasma televisions have 20,000:1 static contrast ratios. S series LCD televisions do not have 100Hz motion smoothing technology.

  • Prices for the S series LCD and plasma televisions range from $1539 for the 32in Panasonic Viera TH-L32S10A to $2899 for the 46in Panasonic Viera TH-P46S10A. Pricing for the 50in and 54in televisions is not yet available. The 54in television will be available in October, while other models will be available in June and July.

  • Design is the main difference, with both G10 and V10 series plasmas boasting a 40,000:1 static contrast ratio.

  • Panasonic has announced a range of new plasma and LCD televisions for the Australian market. The 50in V10 series plasma sits at the top of the line-up, with a quoted contrast ratio of over 2,000,000:1 and Panasonic's Neo PDP technology. NeoPDP is the term Panasonic is using for its new plasma screen technology, which has a luminous efficiency twice as high as previous models.

  • The base model Panasonic X series plasma and LCD television panels range from 19in to 50in. These models have resolutions of 720p.

  • Panasonic G10 series LCD televisions are energy efficient. The 37in Viera TH-L37G10A has a four star rating and the 32in Viera TH-L32G10A has a 3.5 star rating.

  • When viewed at normal brightness, the newer plasma screen's power consumption was a third of the previous screen's.

  • Panasonic X series LCDs use a cheaper IPS panel while plasma models use an Eco PDP design rather than the more impressive Neo PDP technology.

  • Panasonic also showcased a high-efficiency plasma screen, able to display an image three times as bright as a 2007 model while using the same amount of power.

  • The star of the show was The Panasonic Z1 — a 54in, inch-thick plasma television panel with wireless Full HD 1080p video transmission.

  • The Panasonic Z1 uses a receiver mounted on the bottom of the screen to receive video content from a wireless media streamer that can be placed up to 10 metres away. Video transmission is not disrupted when line of sight is broken between the television and the wireless media box.

  • The wireless media streamer has HDMI inputs to allow multiple high-definition video devices to be connected and stored out of sight.

  • Panasonic launches new high-definition televisions, including the Panasonic Z1 -- a Full HD TV with wireless streaming

  • The wireless transmitter connects the wireless media streamer to the television and is able to transmit Full HD 1080p video using WirelessHD technology.

  • Prices for TVs in the Panasonic G10 series range from $1999 for the 32in Viera TH-L32G10A to $3799 for the 50in Viera TH-P50G10A. Models will be released between May and June.

  • The mid-level Panasonic S series features plasma and LCD televisions that range in size from 32in to 54in, with lower static contrast and refresh speeds than premium models.

  • Panasonic's premium G10 series plasma and LCD televisions feature the same Neo PDP technology as higher end models.

  • The budget Panasonic X series LCDs are priced from $1319 (for the 32in Viera TH-L32X10A) to $2399 (for the 50in TH-P50X10A). Prices for 19in and 26in models haven't been announced; these models will be available in September.

  • The two-inch-thick Panasonic Viera TH-P50V10A plasma television has THX certification and will be available in September.

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