Star Trek tech we use today (almost)

For the past four decades, Star Trek has been influencing and predicting new gadgets and technologies. How close are we to Trek-inspired phasers, tricorders, and invisibility cloaks?

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Star Trek: Scalpel-Free Surgery vs. Today: Ultrasound Surgery

In the film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Dr. McCoy is horrified by barbaric 20th-century surgical methods, in particular the [[xref:|venerable science of trephination|Trephination]]: "My god, man! Drilling holes in his head's not the answer!" To heal a seriously injured Commander Pavel Chekov without cutting him open, McCoy uses the futuristic gizmo pictured here. Bloodless surgery may sound like science fiction, but doctors today are using high-intensity ultrasound beams in lieu of the knife to treat some health problems, including [[xref:|injured lungs|Ultrasound Bloodless Surgery Star Trek-Style]], [[xref:|uterine fibroids|Focused ultrasound surgery for uterine fibroids]], and tumors. If the trend continues, operating rooms of the future will have more bloodless surgical tools and fewer shiny scalpels.

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Star Trek tech we use today (almost)

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