Star Trek tech we use today (almost)

For the past four decades, Star Trek has been influencing and predicting new gadgets and technologies. How close are we to Trek-inspired phasers, tricorders, and invisibility cloaks?

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century technology that tops its fictional Star Trek counterpart, at least aesthetically. A PADD (Personal Access Display Device) was a handheld computer capable of performing many mundane Starfleet tasks, including filing diagnostic reports and duty rosters. Like the iPhone, it had a minimalist interface with a touchscreen and maybe an external button or two. The iPhone is certainly better looking, but it isn't nearly as rugged. A PADD could endure a 35-meter drop and keep on ticking; don’t try that with your iPhone. On the other hand, we have no way of knowing whether a PADD could withstand [[xref:|immersion in a bowl of Froot Loops|iPhone 3G Torture Tests]].

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Star Trek tech we use today (almost)

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