The 10 best movies to show off your home theatre

These great movie scenes pinpoint exactly why your new HDTV, sound system, or Blu-ray player is worth the money.

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Better in Blu-ray but Fine on DVD — "Live Free, Die Hard"

Bruce Willis' fourth go-around as working-class police hero John McClane isn't the best in the series, but it's fun. And it gives your sound system a real workout. Your friends will know how great theater sound in the home can be.

Recommended Scene

Chapter 33: Driving a trailer truck on the freeway is a loud experience in the best of conditions. Try doing it when a fighter plane is firing missiles at you. This is probably the most implausible scene in entire "Die Hard" franchise (and that's saying a lot), but that doesn't keep it from being fun — or an excuse for good action audio. There's not much surround sound beyond a little rumbling, but the front speakers and the subwoofer are kept busy with assorted crashes, explosions, and missile launchings. A [[xref:|THX spokesperson|THX Company Overview]] told me that the company used this scene to show off subwoofers.

Spectacular Audio

If you really want to impress your friends and family, go with the DTS HD Master Audio soundtrack.

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The 10 best movies to show off your home theatre

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