The 10 best movies to show off your home theatre

These great movie scenes pinpoint exactly why your new HDTV, sound system, or Blu-ray player is worth the money.

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Better in Blu-ray but Fine on DVD — "The Fifth Element"

This 1997 sci-fi adventure didn't break box office records, but it eventually acquired a cult following. It also became the demo disc for TV showrooms for a while, and with good reason.

"The Fifth Element" has dazzling visuals and great sound, and it's fun. (It's also one of the few futuristic movies that's neither utopian nor dystopian, making it seem more realistic and less preachy than most.)

Recommended Scenes

Chapter 5: Another car chase in a crowded city, but with an interesting twist: The cars fly. Our taxi-driver hero (Bruce Willis), cops on his tail, dashes between seemingly thousands of little flying machines at different altitudes. It's not as fast-paced as most movie chases (the sequence slows down for dialog quite a bit), but that gives you more time to enjoy the scenery.

Spectacular Audio

Chapter 13: A blue alien opera singer performs her heart out (above) while uglier and more evil aliens fight it out with just about everyone. Don't worry about the plot — just let your friends enjoy the audio. You've got full-throttle symphonic music going on onstage, an electric pop beat for a fight scene featuring the high-kicking heroine Mila Jovovich, a merging of the two musical styles, and both dialog and gunfire on the surrounds.

If you have an HDMI connection between your player and your sound system, pick the PCM soundtrack. Otherwise, go with Dolby TrueHD.

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The 10 best movies to show off your home theatre

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