The 10 best movies to show off your home theatre

These great movie scenes pinpoint exactly why your new HDTV, sound system, or Blu-ray player is worth the money.

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Just on DVD — "Chicken Run"

Caption: This delightfully British family comedy (think The Great Escape with poultry protagonists) was made with The Art of Stop Animation. Actual clay models were physically moved a tiny bit, photographed, then moved again.

Recommended Scene

Chapter 15: Our feathered heroine is placed into an automated chicken pie-making machine (above), and her rooster leaps in to save her. There are plenty of great surround sounds throughout this sequence, with one very special "wow" moment. When the rooster says "It's like an oven in here," about 52 minutes into the movie and 2.5 minutes into the scene, listen quickly. You'll be treated to the sound of gas jets turning on, one at a time, behind you.

Spectacular Audio

"Chicken Run" features one great audio sequence that will show off your surround speakers while entertaining all ages. If your amplifier supports DTS, pick that audio option. Otherwise, pick Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. (The Dolby Surround 2.0 option is for people whose home theatre sound system isn't worth showing off.)

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The 10 best movies to show off your home theatre

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