Stylish Mice: A Gallery of Bling Input Devices

Consider your mouse a fashion accessory or art? Here are 12 useful and unusual mice that may inspire you to upgrade.

  • Blinged-Out Mice You'll Love

    One of the best things about being a geek is all the tech you can love. There's your BlackBerry, your Mac, maybe even your PC.

    But are you giving your mouse any attention? Or is it just standard issue beige or black?

    We suspected the answer is the latter and to remedy the situation, we put together 12 computer mice that will have you itching (or should we say twitching) to trade up your own boring mouse.
  • Warm Your Hands by the Fire—Or the Mouse

    For those of us whose hands and feet never seem to get warm throughout winter, the [[xref:|USB Warmer Mouse II|USB Warmer Mouse II]] sounds like a dream. The Windows-compatible 800 dpi resolution mouse heats up to 113° F (45° C) so at least your mouse hand will stay nice and toasty while you work on the computer. (You won't likely find it useful as a gaming mouse.) And such coziness is cheap—just US$23 for your very own hand warmer/computer pointing device.

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  • The Britney Spears of Mice

    Much like a plethora of singers or Hollywood starlets, the [[xref:|Diamante Mouse's|Diamante Mouse]] shine is decidedly fake. But this mouse, which is studded with faux diamonds, can provoke the imagination and offer a little escape from day-to-day drudgery. And with a shine like that, it will certainly give some much-needed sparkle to a boring workstation. All for a low price of $53.

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  • A Valentine for Your Computer

    Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but you can opt to wear yours on your desk. This [[xref:|red velvet-covered mouse|red velvet-covered mouse]] will give your computer a serious case of the warm and fuzzies. Just $55 will buy a PC- and Mac-compatible mouse with a resolution of 800 dpi for a tech accessory that's, well literally, all heart.

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  • Fraglicious Gamer Gun

    Back to reality, er, at least the reality of games, this 2000 dpi pistol-grip mouse can give you precise control with comfort, style, and a feeling of power. Best of all, you can buy your very own [[xref:|Zalman FPS Gun Mouse|Zalman FPS Gun Mouse]] for a mere $74.95. (Much more economical, don't you think?) The mouse/gun offers five programmable buttons, so you can fire, jump and crouch to your heart's content.

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  • From Russia with Stone

    Russian designer [[xref:|Neko|Mouse Made Of Stone]] created this mouse that's the opposite of warm and fuzzy. Cut and polished stone create a sleek one-of-a-kind mouse that would make many an art-appreciator proud to call their own.

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  • The Cure for Sweaty Palms

    Of course, even in winter plenty of folks find that the last thing they need on their hands is heat. If sweaty—not freezing—hands are your personal problem, then check out the [[xref:|USB Air Flow Mouse With Scrolling LED Message.|USB Air Flow Mouse With Scrolling LED Message]] For just $35, this 800 dpi mouse will cool your hand, and let you key in a personalized message. A mouse with a fan that also sports an LED message of your choice. Pretty cool, we say.

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  • A Mouse With a Good Gross-Out Factor

    On the other hand...If the thought of holding an eight-legged carnivorous arthropod in your hot hand all day long is your idea of heaven, well, this is the mouse for you. The Windows-compatible 800 dpi resolution clear mouse boasts [[xref:|a real scorpion|Novel Real Scorpion Digital Colored Computer Mouse]] inside. And if you love the bug world, but scorpions aren't your thing, you have other options. You can choose to have this straight-from-China mouse made with a green beetle, wasp, crab or spider instead. Oh, the joy.

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  • Gold Wonder

    If a diamond-encrusted mouse is not your taste but you still like a bit of shine, take a gander: This [[xref:|gold-plated computer mouse|gold-plated computer mouse]] is luxury defined and so much more masculine than flowers and diamonds. And at $4,651, so much more reasonable too

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  • Zen Mouse

    This handmade mouse comes from Japan's rural Gunma prefecture and may inspire a serenity not usually associated with tech gear. This mouse is named the "Jupiter" for the wood grain swirls and clicker that evokes that planet's famous spot, according to You can order your own small piece of Zen for $150.

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  • Germaphobes Rejoice

    If you never go anywhere without antibacterial gel and you consider sparkling countertops among your greatest pleasures, we've got the mouse for you. The Belkin [[xref:|washable mouse|Belkin washable mouse]] is water-resistant, so you can keep it as clean as your OCD demands. The $30 price is so worth the sigh of relief you'll have knowing that your mouse is, ahhh, germ-free.

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  • A Mouse a Secret Agent Could Love

    [[xref:|Sony Vaio Mouse Talk|VAIO Mouse Talk - Mouse and Internet Phone]] is an optical mouse that doubles as a fully-functioning Internet phone. Most of the time, it's a mild-mannered mouse. But when the blue LED light flashes, you just pick it up and it transforms into your very own VoIP phone. And for $70, the 800 dpi resolution VAIO mouse/phone is a bargain. But we wonder: Is it a phone disguised as a mouse? Or a mouse disguised as a phone? We're feeling a little James Bond just thinking about it.

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  • Champagne, Caviar...and Mice?

    The proletariat need to fake their luxury. But if you've got money to burn, you know the meaning of real bling, and you're not afraid to pay for it. A "mere" $23,250 can make you the proud owner of a [[xref:|very special mouse.|Diamond Flower]] Cast from 18-carat white gold and set with 59 diamonds in the shape of a flower, it has one unequivocal message: You are living in the lap of luxury.

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