A first look at Kogan’s KEVIN37 $900 LCD television

Is this budget 37in LCD TV worthy of your stimulus package pay-out?

  • The KEVIN37 television’s dark grey exterior is similar to the [[artnid:279281|Kogan 1080P-47's|Review: Kogan 1080P-47]] we reviewed back in March. It has a utilitarian design, unlike ultra-stylish televisions such as the [[artnid:302536|Sony Bravia KDL40EX1 LCD|Review: Sony Bravia KDL46EX1 LCD television]], but is nonetheless functional and not overly ugly.

  • The bundled remote of the KEVIN37 LCD television is well laid out and simple. Our initial experiences of the KEVIN37 are positive, with the television performing well when displaying high- and standard-definition material given its asking price. Our full review of the Kogan KEVIN37 will be completed next week.

  • Motion is handled acceptably — though some jitter is noticeable due to the lack of a 100Hz mode — while fine image detail is also easily distinguished in light scenes.

  • High-definition content is displayed well on the Kogan KEVIN37’s Full HD 1080p screen, with good colour accuracy, contrast and sharpness. This menu screen from a [[artnid:150259|Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console|Review: Microsoft Xbox 360]] shows accurate green hues and decent dark area detail.

  • This menu screen from the HD-DVD version of Mission Impossible: 2, playing through a [[artnid:202177|Microsoft Xbox 360 HD-DVD player|Review: Microsoft Xbox 360 HD-DVD player]] shows the television’s ability to display high-contrast images and red hues. The Kogan KEVIN37 LCD television boasts a contrast ratio of 1200:1 — significantly lower than even the cheapest televisions from Sony and Panasonic.

  • When [[artnid:279053|it was first announced| Kogan launches KEVIN37: a $900 LCD television]], we were impressed by the Kogan KEVIN37’s specifications given its $900 price tag. Today we had a chance to take a quick look at it before next week’s comprehensive review.

  • The Kogan KEVIN37’s hybrid tuner receives both analog and digital television channels. The initial television channel scan was slightly slow, but switching between television channels is fast.

  • Significant effort appears to have gone into making the KEVIN37’s on-screen interface pleasant to use. Intuitive menus and a smooth, easy-to-view layout make altering settings a simple and trouble-free experience.

  • You can tell the Kogan KEVIN37 was designed and built to a budget when looking at the on-body controls. We would have preferred the labels to be on the side between the buttons.

  • When presented with lower bit-rate high-definition material, the Kogan KEVIN37 LCD television displays content smoothly with no artefacts or over-sharpening we could detect.

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