Google Wave: What it is and how it works

Google's new platform consolidates various communications and social-networking technologies into a single Web application.

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If participants are involved in a wave at the same time, they can see each other typing. Like the ICQ days of yore, text appears in the window as it is typed to be seen by all who are involved in the wave. This feature can be turn off thanks to a Draft mode.

Another handy feature is the ability to automatically correct misspelt text. Affectionately dubbed "Spelly" by Sydney-based Google engineers, the Wave gadget will automatically change text if misspelt, and can even recognise how a word is supposed to be spelt based on context within the sentence. A Google engineer demoed this by typing in "Ickland is an ickland"; Google Wave automatically changed this to "Iceland is an island" based solely on context.

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Google Wave: What it is and how it works

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