Google Australia's new HQ: a peek at the new Googleplex in Sydney

A peek at Google’s new Sydney office reveals a great environment to relax, play, have fun, eat and collaborate with your colleagues -- and you may get some work done too!

  • Googlers assemble for the official opening

    Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, seated with Mr Bryce, Alan Noble, Google Australia's head of engineering, Temsamani, Kate Vale (who was Google Australia's first employee) and assembled “Googlers” at the official opening of Google’s Pyrmont headquarters.
  • Crunch time

    A novel approach to breakfast cereal and Smarties. I predict some mid-morning snack frenzies in the breakout kitchens. Did I mention there’s also juice, coffee, wasabi peas and other delights on offer?
  • Surf’s up

    The Governor-General, Ms Quentin Bryce AC, officially opened the new Google Australia headquarters. The Governor-General and Karim Temsamani, general manager of Google Australia and New Zealand, walk past a setting of deck chairs, beach towels and umbrellas on the way to the open meeting space.
  • The Google games room

    Guitar Hero showdowns, big-screen YouTube action — and more.
  • Park life

    Demonstrating [[Artnid: 305210| Google Android | Review: HTC Magic with Google smartphone]] and mobile apps to assembled guests.
  • Google Australia Headquarters

    Google officially opened its new office in Sydney, Australia today. Three hundred and fifty Australian Googlers will be based in the new headquarters in the 6-Star Green Star–designed Workplace6 building in Pyrmont. The foyer features a lush green wall of plants — a fitting reflection of the environmental features of the new building.
  • It’s official

    Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC signs Google artwork to mark the event. Google announced that public transit information for Sydney's light rail and monorail network (Metro Transport) and Canberra's bus network (ACTION buses) would be available in Google Maps later in June. Users of Google Maps in Sydney and Canberra will be able to easily access public transport schedules and routes, and plan trips using local public transport options.
  • Tech stop

    The Google IT team have the serious business of keeping everyone connected.
  • The Google games room

    D'oh! Shall I start with the Krusty rook or the Maggie pawn?
  • Swim with the fishes

    Undersea adventures. Rooms are labelled after Australian icons, colloquial terms and favourite treats such as barramundi, Iced Vo Vo, and the famous hanging rock.
  • Cafe Esky

    The beach-themed "Cafe Esky" is a state-of-the-art kitchen. It has a tasty daily menu for the hard working Googlers — even gluten-free penne for the Coeliac sufferers! Bon appétit!
  • The best of Australian ingenuity

    “Google offers an inspiring approach to work life and living,” the Governor-General told the assembled Googlers. "You elicit the best of Australian ingenuity — what has always defined and distinguished us. You provide space and, importantly, time, for Australian ideas to emerge, develop, and proliferate... I thank you for your outstanding contribution to Australia’s economy, culture and progress."
  • Park life

    Witches hats meet Marimenko bean bags. Park benches with picnic rugs sit nearby.
  • Splish splash

    This meeting room is imaginatively decorated with a claw footed bath, rubber duckies and a glass top. Don’t forget to bring the soap!
  • The Google games room

    Ping-Pong and board games. Dare you start a game of Risk?
  • Catch the Google Wave

    Google Australia's head of engineering, Alan Noble, noted the broad range of innovations that the company's Australian engineers work on — including [[Artnid: 299726| Google Maps | 10 things you probably didn't know about Google Maps]], developer products such as Google App Engine, and the new communications platform [[Artnid: 305068| Google Wave | Google Wave: What it is and how it works]].

    "There’s phenomenal computer science talent in Australia, so we're investing in the ecosystem here. Software engineers and developers are the true heroes of the Web — the people who make the platforms and products that benefit millions of users and businesses,” he said.
  • It’s not easy being green

    The 6-Star Green Star-designed Workplace6 building in Pyrmont. Many partitions feature a green wall of potted plants
  • Tech stop

    This Googler is using a [[Artnid: 171518| Nintendo Wii| Review: Nintendo Wii]] or as he said: “I am Wii-ing while I wait.” Tech support was never so much fun!
  • Google library

    The new office contains a number of Australian-themed areas. Only a Google breakout room could have hammocks, timber trees and reclining lounges!
  • New office embodies Google's aspirations in Australia

    Temsamani said that the new Australian headquarters represented a milestone in the history of Google Australia, which started in 2002 with a single employee selling Google AdWords from her lounge.

    "This spectacular office embodies Google's aspirations in Australia — make a great contribution to the vibrant Australian life, be a good steward of our earth, and make it fun and exciting for our employees and our Australian users."

    Google announced that it had worked with Fairfax Media to digitise copies of Fairfax newspapers, including the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The collaboration means that Australians can now get free access to Australia's rich journalistic heritage through Google News and Google Search.
  • The Google games room

    Juggling batons anyone?
  • Undersea design

    Cool tones, '70s fringing and rubber crocodiles and turtles.
  • Howzat

    You messed about, I caught you out! This aptly named “Howzat” conference room has green carpet that resembles a sporting pitch, while the wall art features a crowd scene. Play on until stumps!
  • The Google games room

    The much anticipated peek at the games room. It's named “The Rissole” and features pool tables. Rack 'em up!
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