Apple's 11 Most Intriguing Computer Designs

From the first Apple to the MacBook Air, Macs have been regarded as technologically innovative, beautiful in product design and, over time, become just plain cool.

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Lisa: The Personal Computer Comes with a (High) Price

The Apple Lisa—formally "Local Integrated Software Architecture" but believed to be [[xref:|named after Steve Jobs' daughter|Apple Lisa]]—is now remembered as [[xref:|one of Apple's most disappointing products|Apple finally does the right thing, refunds Lisa buyers]]. Maybe it was the [[xref:|drama between the development team|A behind-the-scenes look at the development of Apple’s Lisa]] over revolutionary UI changes, or perhaps it was incompatibility of the Lisa OS with existing Apple II software, but the Lisa didn't survive long after its 1981 release. However, the Lisa introduced early-adopter users to a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and an [[xref:|integrated mouse|Cool Computer Mouse Alert: 12 Useful, Unusual and Blinged-Out Mice You'll Love]]. Too bad Lisa's price tag was US$10,000.

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Apple's 11 Most Intriguing Computer Designs

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