Facebook updates: What kind do you write?

After using Facebook for a while, you notice that people tend to say the same things over and over in their status updates.

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The 'My Job Sucks' Update

"Ann Ash is in a meeting, yet again".
"Mindy Theo wants out of this cubicle!"
"Alex White would rather work at Dunder Mifflin".

Since so many of us are [[xref:http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/162620/culture_not_tech_slows_social_nets_at_work.html|attending to Facebook while working|Culture, Not Tech, Slows Social Nets at Work]], it's no wonder that the 'My Job Sucks' update is so popular. Work is on our minds. And often it sucks! If it's not the mind-numbing work you're assigned to do, then it's your insensitive boss, your hectic commute, your chatty co-worker, your long hours, the bad coffee in the break room, the bad smell in the bathroom, or the bad severance package that you're anticipating any day now.

On the other hand, if you're inspired to post yet another 'My Job Sucks' update, at least it means you aren't in a position to post an even less enviable 'Help! I Really Need a Job!' update.

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Facebook updates: What kind do you write?

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