Facebook updates: What kind do you write?

After using Facebook for a while, you notice that people tend to say the same things over and over in their status updates.

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The 'Passive Aggressive' Update

"Gabe Samson would rather not, thank you very much.”
"Mary Hales told you so."
"Brenna Vogel could do without THAT in her life."

Though Facebook invites a wide range of uncomfortable dialogue and public displays of TMI (see the previous slide), a line remains in place that many social networkers won't cross. They'll suggest that they're angry, but they won't say why; or they'll express frustration about something or someone in their life, but they won't provide any specifics about who or what is getting on their nerves.

Like passive-aggressive behaviour in real life, the 'Passive Aggressive' update lets you grumble without truly confronting your problem. It means omitting details but adopting a tone that's just bitter enough to let everyone to know you're disappointed and it might also send a message to the particular person who is getting under your skin.

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Facebook updates: What kind do you write?

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