Facebook updates: What kind do you write?

After using Facebook for a while, you notice that people tend to say the same things over and over in their status updates.

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The 'Big News Break' Update

"Kelly Babson is PREGNANT!"
"Jeremiah Post quit his job."
"Sybil Connor is finally free after a month in jail!"

When you encounter a 'Big News Break' update, you need to be aware of a couple of things as you read it:

1. The poster's real friends already know the big news.

2. Therefore, the point of the announcement is to solicit compliments, shock, or other strong reactions from the poster's second- or third-level "friends". That means you: you who don't occupy a high enough rung on the ladder of intimacy to merit a call or in-person conversation about whatever the big news is.

Face it: When you get pregnant, you're not going to tell your best friend over Facebook. No, the 'Big News Break' update is specifically targets people who aren't among the inner circle of friends. But we're not knocking it. Facebook is all about lesser friends, and there's nothing wrong with second-tier.

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Facebook updates: What kind do you write?

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