The 20 most innovative games ever made

20 titles that changed video gaming forever

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#3: World of Warcraft

Platform: PC

Year: 2004

Original review score: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Blizzard Entertainment created an entire planet inside of a video game, and the result was a revolution. This online game was so game-changing that it instantly legitimized the entire genre of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and, ultimately, earned a subscriber roster that outnumbers some European countries.

Why It Was Innovative:

How many games have been so addictive and engaging that entire subcultures are created around it? World of Warcraft was by no means the first MMO, but it was the game that perfected the rules and the experience, with a richly detailed, persistent universe for players to explore, and constant expansions ensuring that their characters would continue to grow and change as the game aged. Since the game's best treasures and biggest quests often required dozens of players to band together, WoW encouraged people to communicate both inside and outside the world of Azeroth, making the human element the secret heart of World of Warcraft.

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