In pictures: TomTom for iPhone

We take a look at the first pictures of TomTom's long-awaited iPhone GPS application

  • TomTom for iPhone consists of two parts — the TomTom for iPhone software app, which will be downloadable from the iPhone store, and TomTom's dedicated iPhone cradle, providing a safe mounting system in the car. It is not yet confirmed whether the TomTom for iPhone app will work without the cradle.

  • The TomTom for iPhone app will work with both the existing [[artnid:252856|iPhone 3G]] and the newly launched [[artnid:308281|iPhone 3GS]].

  • The TomTom for iPhone software will appear on the iPhone in the same way as a regular app. The software will be a downscaled version of TomTom's regular GPS software, optimised specifically for the iPhone's 3.5in display. TomTom has not announced pricing or Australian availability, but it is expected to release the app and cradle by the end of 2009.

  • The TomTom for iPhone cradle uses TomTom's EasyPort mount system, which is also featured with the company’s latest dedicated portable GPS unit, the [[artnid:305019|TomTom ONE 140 IQ Routes Edition]]. The mount also allows users to charge the iPhone in the car when it's mounted in the cradle.

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