Six great games for lazy people

Laziness isn't a crime (especially when it comes to games)!

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#6: Any Light Gun Game Ever Created

For: Everything from Arcades to the PS3

Physical Effort Required: Not Much

Mental Energy Required: Not Much

It doesn't matter if we're talking about [[xref:|Time Crisis|Time Crisis 4]], [[xref:|House of the Dead|House of the Dead]], or [[xref:|Duck Hunt|Duck Hunt]], light gun games as a whole take a lot of the exertion out of playing video games. All you need is one functioning arm and decent vision for you to partake and excel in them.

Most light gun games also restrict your movement completely, which is why they're referred to as "on-rails shooters," because it's as though you're on a track going through a fun house filled with video game enemies. But I'm not knocking light gun games. [[xref:|Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles|Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles]] and The House of the Dead games, are some of my favourite titles that are devoid of many of the frustrations of more involved titles, including having to worry about where you're supposed to go next.

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Six great games for lazy people

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