Six great games for lazy people

Laziness isn't a crime (especially when it comes to games)!

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#1: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (With Demo Play Activated)

For: Nintendo Wii

Physical Effort Required: ZERO!

Mental Energy Required: Fall asleep, take your cat for a walk, or make a sandwich, you don't have to be thinking about the game at all with Demo Play.

On one hand, a game that literally plays itself sounds pretty progressive. On the other hand, it more or less eliminates all the challenge. What's the point of even spending fifty dollars on a game if you're just going to hit a button that does everything for you? [[xref:|GamePro's Sean Mirkovich|Roast Mutton]] made a remark the other day that 'it's sort of like paying someone to eat your icecream for you.'

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is no [[xref:|Splinter Cell|Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction]] in terms of how focused you need to be in order advance in the game, but it still involves a certain amount of skill (jumping over chasms, avoiding hazards, etc.). But now that Nintendo has spilled the beans on their new "Demo Mode" feature, you can just have the game's AI think for you. If only real life had a Demo Mode for times where you just want to turn off your brain.

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Six great games for lazy people

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