Six great games for lazy people

Laziness isn't a crime (especially when it comes to games)!

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#2: Let's Tap

For: Nintendo Wii

Physical Effort Required: Virtually None

Mental Energy Required: Minimal

What's lazier than a video game where you don't even have to pick up the damn controller? In order to get your little translucent jelly man to run around a track, knock blocks off of a tower, or engage in any of Let's Tap's other mini-games, all you do is set the Wii Remote down on a surface such as an empty pizza box on your granny's coffin and tap near the controller, which then senses your vibrations--that's it!

You could be half dead, lying down on the couch with your face turned towards the television screen and you should still be able to muster up the strength to lift your index finger up and down. [[xref:|People slam Wii games|Tough guy Shia LeBeouf calls you a little bitch for playing the Wii]] for being too simplistic, but sometimes a game that allows you to play it with zero effort like Let's Tap is what you're in the mood for.

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Six great games for lazy people

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