In pictures: Doom Resurrection on the iPhone

A rail-shooter with graphics unlike any we've seen from an iPhone game

  • At the start of every game sequence, you get to recalibrate the iPhone. This is great, as it allows you to hold the phone at whatever angle is comfortable for you. You can also recalibrate in-game from the pause menu.

  • The zombie is the basic enemy at the start of the game. They're quite easy to dispatch.

  • Some enemies will throw fireballs at you (or shoot machine guns). You can avoid damage by tapping the "Dodge" button at the bottom left of the screen. Make sure you time it right and don't duck too early.

  • Doom Resurrection is the latest instalment in the famous Doom series. In this iPhone-only game, id Software has created a rail-shooter with graphics unlike any we've seen from a game on this device before. This is your chance to fight your way through eight levels of zombies and demons as you try to save the Earth again. You start the game by yourself after the rest of your team is killed off.

    It's not id Software's iPhone debut, however, with the excellent port of [[artnid:297728|Wolfenstein 3D]] receiving 4.5 stars in our [[artnid:297710|review]].

  • If you want to, you can skip them by using the "Skip" button.

  • The game is interrupted once in a while by some cut scenes where your character talks with other people. This lets you know what you're trying to do, and adds some context to the game.

  • The end of each level has a variety of demons that you have to beat. A health bar will show up for them so you know how much more punishment you need to inflict.

  • Guns only carry a certain amount of ammo, forcing you to reload once in a while. Make sure you reload early so you don't have to do it when a zombie is trying to eat you.

  • The graphics look amazing for an iPhone game. There's quite a lot of detail that you wouldn't expect to see.

  • As the game goes on, those demons look more and more evil.

  • People who complain of having been bitten by a zombie and then have chest pains should always have a cross-hair aimed at them.

  • Sam is a floating robot who gives you instructions and help during the game.

  • Your robot Sam will often stop by terminals and try to read data off them. You'll have to stand watch while that's happening.

  • Each level will end with a summary of how you scored.

  • Gameplay is pretty simple. Your character moves around as if following an invisible rail on the floor. When you see something you want to shoot at, simply tilt your phone in the correct direction, and tap the fire button in the bottom-right side of the screen.

  • The laser gun is quite powerful against some enemies, and it's great for aiming at things that are far away. It also has a good rate of fire.

  • With the rest of the soldiers in your squad dead, it's time to kill zombies.

  • The game opens up with an animation that is actually driven by the in-game engine.

  • Fat zombies will come towards you and try to eat you. You'll have to shake the iPhone to get them off if they manage to grab you. We recommend shooting them in the head while they're still a safe distance away.

  • We're not quite sure what those things on their heads are.

  • The edge of the screen is used for basic controls. The actual aiming is done by tilting your iPhone in the direction you want to look. As this is a rail shooter, you don't have to worry about actual movement; the game handles that for you.

  • As expected in a Doom game, you will inconveniently end up in hell.

  • As in previous Doom games, you can stop enemies in their tracks by shooting exploding barrels next to them. Much easier than shooting a moving enemy.

  • Health and ammunition information is also always on screen.

  • The trusty shotgun is back, and it's still great for shooting things in the head. There's also a double-barrelled version available.

  • As expected in this type of game, getting injured by enemies will cause your health to drop. When it goes below 0, you'll have to start again from the last checkpoint.

  • When all else fails, you can always use the chainsaw. It's still satisfying.

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