In pictures: RoboCup 2009

RoboCup 2009 involved up to 3000 participants from about 40 countries in competitions including robot soccer and search and rescue

  • The goal of RoboCup is "by the year 2050, to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can play and win against the human world champion soccer team". By 2067, they intend these robots to rule the world and enslave humanity. Okay, we made that bit up

  • Search and rescue is also part of the RoboCup event. These are robots sent to find survivors in disaster zones when it is too dangerous to use humans.

  • RoboCup 2009 involved up to 3000 participants from about 40 countries in the various categories including robot soccer and search and rescue. According to a report from [[xref:|ABC Online]], an Australian team won victories in two categories.

  • During International Conference on Intelligence Robotics and Systems in 1996, Pre-RoboCup-was held. The first RoboCup event was held in 1997. In recent years it has taken place in Atlanta, USA, and Suzhou in China.

  • Pushing forward the boundaries of what robots are able to do is a major goal of RoboCup.

  • RoboCup is the largest event in the world for intelligent and autonomous robots. From 29 June to the 5 July, 2009 the best [[xref:|robot]] teams from all over the world competed in the world championship in Graz, Austria. Check out some photos from RoboCup 2009!

    RoboCup is an international competition that helps support research in robotics and artificial intelligence. The aim is to promote interest and research in the field. Images: [[xref:|]].

  • Robosoccer is a major part of the official activities and involves two 15-minute halves using official international soccer rules. The Robosoccer teams are assessed on how well their robots perform on the pitch.

  • The 2009 RoboCup event was the first time it has been held in Austria.

  • Soccer was chosen because it's "an ideal platform to present cutting edge technology to a broad general audience," and the game itself is complex and highly dynamic.

  • As part of RoboCup, experts in the field of robotics present research findings. The RoboCup event is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem in which a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.

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