In Pictures: Kaspersky Lab 10th Annual Press Tour

Kaspersky Lab researchers reveal the latest threats we all need to watch out for

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During his presentation, Maslennikov discussed the landscape of mobile malware. Malicious mobile software is no longer limited to smartphones and PDAs, explained Maslennikov: normal mobile phones are also under threat from viruses, Trojans and worms.

Since 2008, cyber criminals have been making money from malicious software targeting mobile devices, with the number of mobile viruses increasing by 184 per cent since August 2006. Because there is no clear market leader in the mobile phone space, most cyber criminals rely on cross-platform malicious code to reach as many phones as they can. According to Kaspersky Lab's research, many cyber criminals are now using social-networking sites and instant messaging to promote mobile malware (e.g. urging people to phone numbers or send text messages in exchange for various services).

Unsurprisingly, pornographic applications are one of the main baits used by mobile cyber criminals. SMS phishing also remains popular. For example, a message purporting to be from the phone owner's bank may urge them to call a number and provide personal information.

To combat mobile malware threats, Maslennikov recommended that mobile phone users should learn as many facts about mobile malware as they can so they'll know what to look out for.

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In Pictures: Kaspersky Lab 10th Annual Press Tour

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