How I broke my iPhone 3G

iPhones and stone floors simply do not mix

  • A re-enactment of the greatest tragedy to befall Apple-kind in recent times.

  • The culprit — a hardened stone floor which absorbs wine and coffee spills with ease. It failed to absorb the iPhone.

  • There is no doubt that the [[Artnid:252856|iPhone 3G|Review: Apple iPhone 3G smartphone]] is a resilient device. It has survived a fairly rigorous [[xref:|stress test|iPhone 3G stress test]] with few battle scars. Unfortunately it seems to be no match for long falls and hard floors. It was this shortcoming that led to my iPhone 3G's demise.

  • Surprisingly, the iPhone still works close to perfectly. Touches are still registered across the screen, though sensitivity is definitely lost over the broken portions. Those lengthy games of Flight Control have since lost a certain intensity and pizzazz.

  • A warning to all who attempt to reproduce this feat: broken iPhone 3G glass is sharp and painful.

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