Tech toys from the 1990s

Geek chic of years gone by isn't so cool today, as technology races on.

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MP3 in the Age of Napster 1.0

A decade ago, hipster technophiles had found a new toy to love: the MP3 player. One such offering, the Nomad Jukebox (released in 1999), promised 100 hours' worth of listening pleasure. Of course, its rechargeable batteries conked out long before such pleasure could be realized. The Nomad Jukebox was no exercise companion either: Its internal hard drive didn't take kindly to running or bouncing, it was prone to skipping and stalling, and it was heavy and bulky. And no worries of ear damage here; at full volume it was a tinny whisper to an iPod's scream. Still, in a pre-iPod time, many considered it the best MP3 player around.

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Tech toys from the 1990s

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