The 10 worst video game systems of all time

You won't find many fanboys for these consoles, which unite terrible graphics with lousy games and underpowered hardware. Oh yeah--and some were obscenely overpriced, too!

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8. Nokia N-Gage

Year released: 2003

As the 21st century dawned, a new class of multiuse handheld devices entered the marketplace, including this console from Nokia. The [[xref:|N-Gage|Nokia Unveils Playful Cell Phone]] combined a cell phone and a handheld video game console into a single device that performed neither function very well. Nokia subsequently [[xref:|redesigned the N-Gage hardware|Nokia Readies Curvier, Cheaper N-Gage]] to correct many of the original model's mistakes.

Signature problems: User had to remove rear door and battery to change game cards. Poor game library. User had to engage in "side talking" during phone conversations because the microphone and speaker were on the side of the unit. Poorly designed control buttons. Dumb name. Critics ridiculed device for looking like an electronic taco.

Redeeming features: Incorporated wireless multiplayer gaming, Internet connectivity, multimedia playback, game machine, and cell phone in a single device.

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The 10 worst video game systems of all time

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