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Maybe on your next business trip you’ll be able to leave that hulking ultraportable laptop behind

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FlightTrack Pro

Publisher: Mobiata

Price: $9.99


Frequent fliers know what a hassle it is to keep track of delayed flights, botched reservations, and annoying last-minute gate changes. The [[xref:|FlightTrack Pro|FlightTrack Pro]] app checks FAA airport delays and closures, airport arrival times, and temperature, and it tracks your flights worldwide.

FlightTrackPro will also check for your gate numbers and flight cancellations, and search alternative schedules. For each flight, enthusiasts can view the aircraft type, speed, and altitude.

To get started with FlightTrack Pro, you just forward your airline confirmation e-mail to The app takes over from there, and your flight itinerary will automatically appear in your FlightTrack Pro account. For less-frequent fliers, a cheaper ($4.99), more-basic version of [[xref:|FlightTrack|FlightTrack]] is available.

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Must-have iPhone business apps

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