The 33 best PS3 games - 2009 edition

New, must-play Sony PlayStation 3 games!

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10. The Orange Box

Why It's Great: Talk about bang for the buck: [[xref:|The Orange Box|The Orange Box]] included five hit games from the FPS gurus at Valve Software, making this a must-have for any shooter fan. Not only do you get the award-winning [[xref:|Half-Life 2|Half-Life 2]] and the follow-ups [[xref:|Episode One|Half-Life 2: Episode One]] and [[xref:|Two|Half-Life 2: Episode Two]], you also get the butter-smooth online game [[xref:|Team Fortress 2|Team Fortress 2]]. But the real jewel of this fantastic collection is [[xref:|Portal|Portal]], a mind-bending puzzler that every gamer should experience at least once. Armed with one of the coolest weapons ever devised in the Portal Gun, you run through a series of deviously designed levels while the omni-present voice of GlaDOS gently coaxes you onward. Filled with delicious humor and addictive gameplay, Portal is worth the purchase price alone but lucky for you, you have four other amazing games to keep you occupied long after you've discovered the secret of the cake (hint: it's a lie).

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