The 31 best PSP games

Join us as we count down over 30 games no PSP owner should pass up

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13. [[xref:|Daxter|Daxter]]

Taking place during the events of Naughty Dog's first sequel, Jak II on PlayStation 2, the PSP-exclusive Daxter allows you to play as Jak's small sidekick and weasel/otter mixbreed, Daxter. Aside from switching up the series' protagonist, the game also plays with some interesting ideas such as having you hired by an old man named Osmo as an exterminator and eventually having to figure out a way to save your humanoid friend and partnet Jak who's been imprisoned by Krimzon Guards. The bottom line is that, while the game does introduce some new forms of gameplay and a new main character, it's still Jak & Daxter at heart and shouldn't be missed by fans of the series.

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