The 31 best PSP games

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16. [[xref:|Rock Band Unplugged|Rock Band Unplugged]]

Similarly to how PSP ports of graphically advanced console video games like God of War and Resistance can leave one skeptical, we didn't know how the hell Rock Band would work on a handheld but for reasons other than graphics (let's face it: Rock Band/Guitar Hero games' visuals aren't all that awe-inspiring). How exactly do you play drums, guitar, not to mention sing on a PSP? Thankfully no miniaturized instruments accompanied the PSP-exclusive version of Rock Band, which took a more Amplitude and Frequency approach to creating music in the game where the player rocks out solo by taking up each instrument individually, cycling through them (with the exception of singing). Now, if only they'd bust out a DS version of Rock Band so we could have vocals in a handheld Rock Band game due to the platforms built-in microphone.

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