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Nude Raider

We suppose it was inevitable, really. Within months of Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider: Anniversary in the first Tomb Raider game, rumours began to surface about a hidden nude cheat. By inputting a complex combination of commands with the control-pad, you could apparently get Lara to do a nudie run in all her pixilated glory. Nerdy hearts the world over began to beat a little faster at the news.

It was all a load of rubbish of course. The game’s publisher officially debunked the rumour almost immediately, and the game press assured its readers that the cheat didn’t exist. And yet still the myth persisted. To the grubby mind of the gamer, it didn’t make sense not to have a nude cheat — why else would the developers give Lara such fabulously pneumatic cans? And so, gamers continued to try and nut out the elusive code — with fake solutions periodically lighting up the Web (this was back when the Internet community consisted almost entirely of men with beards).

To this day, rumours about the Nude Raider cheat are still talked about, which makes it the geekiest urban legend of all time.

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