The Web browser turns 15: A look back

Here is a look back at 15 years of wars, lawsuits, and standards the Web browser has brought us.

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Oct. 13, 2009

First commercial browser released (Oct. 13, 1994): [[xref:|Mosaic Communications Corp.|This Changes Everything]] – later renamed Netscape Communications Corp. – releases the beta version of its Web browser, called Mosaic Netscape 0.9. It was based on the Mosaic code developed by the NCSA, and Mosaic co-author [[xref:|Marc Andreessen|WEB 2.0 - Andreessen: Mosaic expectations were very low]] was a co-founder of Netscape. The browser was later renamed Netscape Navigator. Version 1.0 was released on Dec. 15. Navigator was the first commercial Web browser to be wildly successful, rapidly achieving 90% market share before Microsoft entered the fray and took over the market. By 2000, Netscape's market share would fall under 1%, Janco Associates says.

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The Web browser turns 15: A look back

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