Best online deals for mobile phones and mobile broadband

In the countdown to Christmas we take the hassle out of buying a mobile phone or mobile broadband service with our round-up of the best deals online!

  • Telstra

    Mobile broadband: [[artnid:324743|Telstra Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband Turbo USB modem]]
    RRP: $179
    Online deal: 1GB bonus data (if you activate before 31 December), double your data allowance (if you recharge $40 or more before 31 December)

    With a competitive initial outlay cost, prepaid billing and the Next G network's superior speed and coverage, Telstra's Turbo USB modem is a good package overall. The 30-day recharge expiry is a downside but there are a couple of nice sweeteners — you'll get [[xref:|1GB of bonus data]] if you activate the pre-paid service before 31 December and you'll also double your data allowance if you recharge with $40 or more before 31 December.
  • Vodafone

    Mobile phone: [[artnid:305210|HTC Magic with Google smartphone]]
    RRP: $899
    Online deal: Free pre-paid mobile broadband starter kit (must activate by 31 December)

    HTC's Magic with Google smartphone was the second Google Android mobile phone to be released in Australia. A significant improvement over the [[artnid:276055|HTC Dream|Review: HTC Dream]], the Magic benefits from Android's Cupcake software update and a far more pleasant design and interface. The lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack is disappointing but the Android Market has a range of mobile applications and the Android OS has massive potential.

    [[xref:|Vodafone is currently offering]] the HTC Magic with Google free on a $59 cap over 24 months. This plan gives you $350 worth of talk and text as well as 500MB of data per month. Purchasers will also receive a free bonus mobile broadband starter kit from Vodafone. Valued at $99, the pre-paid starter kit includes 1GB of data as long as you activate the service before 31 December.
  • Virgin Mobile

    Mobile phone: [[artnid:315898|Samsung Preston Icon]]
    RRP: $449
    Online deal: $50 free credit, free delivery

    The Samsung Preston Icon is a functional and fast entry-level touch-screen phone. We were disappointed by the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. But that aside, the Preston Icon is easy to use, intuitive and is a great option for those who are on a budget. [[xref:|Virgin Mobile sweetens the deal]] by offering the Samsung Preston Icon on a Your Cap $29 plan over 24 months. This plan provides $150 worth of talk and text, 20MB of data and includes free voicemail and free text and calls to any Virgin Mobile number in Australia. Online purchasers also receive $50 free credit on their plan and get free delivery.
  • 3 Mobile

    Mobile phone: [[artnid:309680|Nokia N97 smartphone|]]
    RRP: $1129
    Online deal: Free on $99 cap over 24 months ($1000 talk/text), free email for 3 months (when you activate by 31 December), $50 free credit

    Nokia's N97 smartphone dwarfs the iPhone in terms of features, although the software doesn't match the standard set by Apple. That being said, the N97's flip-up design, keyboard and massive storage capacity are fantastic features, and the Ovi Store allows you to download third-party applications.

    [[xref:|3 Mobile is currently offering the N97]] for free when you sign up to the $99 cap over 24 months. This plan gives you $1000 worth of talk and text per month. Online purchasers will also get free email for three months when they activate the service by 31 December and receive $50 free credit.
  • Optus

    Mobile phone: [[xref:|Nokia 2730 classic]]
    RRP: $249
    Online deal: Free on $19 cap over 24 months ($50 talk/text), first three months free access, $10 Messaging Value Pack (MVP) free for first 6 months.

    Not all consumers are interested in a fully fledged smartphone, despite their increasing popularity. If you fall into this category, Optus has the answer — [[xref:|the telco is currently offering the Nokia 2730 classic]] mobile phone free when you sign up to the $19 cap over 24 months. This $19 cap is ideal for low volume users and provides $50 worth of calls and text per month. Online purchasers will receive the first three months free and will also get a $10 Messaging Value Pack (MVP) free for the first six months of the contract. The MVP includes 500 standard national SMS and/or MMS messages to any mobile network in Australia.
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