6 keys to the ultimate smartphone

Call it the iBerry Pre; it's got the best features of the top smartphones all in one handy (and, sadly, fictional) device

6 keys to the ultimate smartphone next


Operating system: Three-way tie iPhone OS, Google Android, and Palm webOS: Operating systems all have so many different features that it's difficult to settle on just one as "the best." In terms of ease-of-use and customer satisfaction, the iPhone's OS comes out on top. However, that doesn't mean that the OS X couldn't incorporate features from other operating systems to make it even better. For example, OS X could adopt a more open architecture such as Android's Linux-based system to make it easier for developers to create applications. Or it could incorporate the Palm webOS's ability to layer applications, thus letting users keep several applications open at once and flip seamlessly between them.

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6 keys to the ultimate smartphone

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